Gearbox / drivetrain alignment

Hi all,

I am suffering from a drivetrain vibration around 80km/h and am looking for someone with good experience / knowledge of gear train alignment in the Perth area. Anyone?

My drive shaft u-joints were replaced last year (genuine German ones) and it was balanced.
My gearbox was rebuilt and decoupler fitted.
All four wheels have just been rebalanced.

I’m also looking for details on the wiring for the indicator lights for the rear diff lock and decoupler as they’re not working (bulbs are good).

I just don’t know enough about how to align/adjust for optimum conditions, and my local VW dude doesn’t have that kind of Syncro experience.

Thanks in advance!

The alignment is less critical than you might think, by all means get it close though.
Check the condition of your gearbox mounts too, worn/collapsed mounts can put your geometry way off.
I spent a year chase my vibration, replacing everything and shimming parts to within a degree only to find the real problem was the balance of the shaft. Have your shaft balanced to G6.3 specification instead of G12 (which is the normal automotive standard)

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Thanks Nils,
I don’t think the balance is my problem because I had a bad vibration building up from 95kph when I first got the van, had both Ujoints replaced and shaft balanced, and it went away.
It’s only now at around 80-85kph since the gearbox (with new decoupler) and rebuilt motor have been fitted, hence my thinking something is not quite aligned properly.