Happy Holidays and Safe Travels

I’d like to wish everyone and their families a safe and happy Xmas season and hope to see lots of pictures from Syncro adventures in the new forum as we “G” it into 2020.

And thanks for putting up with the issues during our switch over period.



Thanks for all your hard work Uwe. Happy festive season, and hope to read lots of Syncro tales on this new forum in the future. Cheers , Eddie.

Merry Christmas all.

Again thanks again to Uwe for all your efforts with this forum.

Ive been watching some off-roading shows looking for venues for another adventure some time next year.

Happy new year all.



A little late, but Merry Christmas, and wish you all safe and happy Syncro trails in 2020!

A little reminder to keep your maintenance up, taking the Syncro out the garage a couple of weeks ago noticed a faint petrol smell, lucky I looked, the hose to injector No2 had a small weep. Was just a nip up on the clamp required, but could have been worse if unnoticed. I will have to look at setting up for the factory style crimp on clamps.

Driving home last night, saw a T3 just ahead of me (a rare sight in Brisbane these days!), as I got closer noticed steam coming out the rear. I managed to get along side and got the driver to pull over. He said yea, noticed the red light, was going to drive to a servo somewhere to have it checked!! The hose to the cyl head (left rear) had split and lost coolant. They would have damaged the engine if they had kept driving. I patched it up, but the corrosion on the spigot was quite bad and the hose was falling apart in my hand. I sealed it up and filled with water again, but luckily they chose to have it towed as I do not think the patch would have lasted, it was a bit of a drive for them to get home.
On a bright note, the owner traded a '68 kombi in to buy the T3 new in '91, and said it had been very reliable since new!

Richard :biking_man:

Also late but Merry Xmas to everyone here and hoping you all have good Syncro holidays over the holiday period. It has been great to get the reinvigorated forum up and running and thanks again to all involved.

We have been packed up, van fridge running for 3 days now waiting for the weather to clear. Got an hour from home yesterday before turning back after the campsite we were heading to closed due to fires. Tomorrow is looking good though (different campsite and cool change).

Whilst filling up at the local servo, I got chatting to the owner of a '92 Trakka Syncro who lives half a Km from me. Will try and get them signed up on the forum. That makes 4 Syncro’s in the Macedon Ranges that I know of.

All the best.


And all my best wishes as well to everyone here for 2020.

After a bit of a nightmare year of spending a small fortune on my Syncro and hardly camping at all as it spent months upon months laid up, I decided to cut my losses and sell.
But, as I could not find a decent buyer willing to pay the right price for a fully equipped camper in great condition with a fully rebuilt gearbox and waterbox, it’s now looking like we’ll be keeping it for the foreseeable future (yes it’s still for sale if anyone is interested) and I’m actually looking forward to getting some good use of it in 2020!

I’ll be slowly rebuilding the Subaru block I salvaged from Mark with a view to convert at some point - I’ll be looking for info on that as will need to source computer and whatever else will be needed for the conversion.

All the best for 2020 everyone!