Hastings River Port Macquarie Flooding - Hart are you OK?

Nasty flooding up at Port Macquarie NSW along the Hastings River which dead cows often flow along and go right past Harts place.

Are you OK Hart?

Heard Port Macquarie low lying areas are being evacuated…

Hi Scott. It’s pretty bad here. Low lying areas where Hart is were ordered to evacuate but they refused to leave. There is a predicted major flood level at 5.00 am. Currently pouring again. We can’t get hold of them to check. Probably out moving horses. Will keep the Group posted if we get any info. They will be safe as their living areas are high enough. I reckon the power is out as well. The highway is closed at the doughnut and various other spots.

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Update. Horses moved into dry shipping container. Loungeroom area damaged by water but still have power. Other living areas are dry.

Thats promising.
My Sister in Law lives at Settlement City down the road next to one of the canals and the water is rising fast there too - up to her gate but the house is fairly high set so they shouldn’t have any trouble.

Just saw your video.

Thats really under water. Glad Hart and Elke are safe.

Shame about the tristar though… :frowning: :frowning_face:

Yes safe with us. The Polo went underwater though. Most likely a write off. They have lost nearly everything I reckon. 2 metres of water at the front gate. Thanks for your concern Scott. Hopefully the Tristar will be ok. It was up in the air at the back as he was putting the gearbox back in.

I saw the Polo.

That is no real issue as Im sure its insured and easily replaceable.

The people in the house, the animals, the tristar and a lot of worldly items gathered over the years are not replaceable.

Let us know if we can help.



Sorry to hear the bad news. What a mess. Keep safe. Anything we can do to help?

Theo & Christine

Hope everyone is keeping safe in our thoughts andy&Lou

The water has finally receded and they are now deep into the clean up.

They have lots of local help which is awesome but the mud is deep.

The water went up approximately 1.3-1.4m above the inside floor leaving a nasty high tide mark on the walls and piles of mud all over the floor.

All kitchen is damaged beyond repair including appliances, all food gone.

A big muddy clean up ahead…

But thats life in Australia…we clean up and keep going.

At we are fairly sure that wont happen again for another 100 years.

Still have no power and need a generator I think.

Thanks for the update Scott.

Sending best wishes to Hart and Elke.