Hey Syncronauts....Don't forget

Just had the Syncro in for gearbox and diff oil changes…mechanic suggests 30 to 50,000 km intervals…depending on how much off roading is done.
Suggests Penrite 80W-90.
Even to remove sump plugs to check on colour, smell and any swarths on the magnets is a good idea.
Removing the gearbox plug was a little tricky…as the exhaust pipe is in the way.
Just needed a welder, a bolt, a nut, a grinder and a spanner…sorted.
Looking forward to other people’s comments here…just sayin’.

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Thanks Gerald. Wise advice. Although Rudi recommends a different oil. Did he have a suction pump to get the old oil out?

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No suction…drained out both.
GoWesty also recommends Red Line.
Each to their own.

Always a good idea Gerald!
I notched the plate/guard under the gear box for easier access and cut a short piece off a 17mm allen key to remove the plug (put the allen key off cut into the plug, and a 17mm ring spanner on to undo).
I’ve also setup a small electric transfer pump with an inline filter so I can run the oil through the filter a couple of times between oil changes.

That’s great Richard…another fine work around.