Holidays with trtle

Well on the back of tow truck again apparently constant velocity joint on rear right has come adrift again 2nd time protective cap still bolted on ideas???

When you say the right rear CV joint coming adrift - do you mean the CV bolts have come undone?

If so its often the allen key bolt head version that causes the problem as you cant get suitable tightness on the bolts as compared to the multi-spline version.

I had one come off after all bolts other than 2 completely loosened and fell out and the remaining 2 just snapped off. Took that driveshaft off and drove home in 4wd no problem but it was the bolts that were the problem for me. Changed them over and no issue since.

Haven’t got trtle back yet but all bolts seem to be there has got Allen key bolts will check when she arrives back