How heavy is a 2.1 MV motor

Had a chance to weight a put a motor on the scales. Complete motor
Bit more than an air cooled motor!

So thats why I get a sore back when lifting one of these with a mate to help of course.

Very heavy bastards! But nothing like a V8!

The compressor and it’s dodgy brackets would add a bit.

Phil, 137kg for 2WD motor with no power steering or AC. (both weights with oil and remnants of coolant)
Yes, I hate those brackets. Hope to get a factory one for my van one day!

Hi Richard. I got a factory bracket from Ben T in the states. Took a while. Yet to install. Will post photo when it’s on. Cheers, Peter

They are a work of art those factory A/C brackets.

I bought mine from the

Make sure you get all the fixing bolts and the extra metal bracket.

Thanks for the posts
That’s one clean engine bay Scott!!
Yes they are a nice casting, though the adjustment looks a little flimsy (I have one on me auto 2WD). But I guess that would save breaking the case!

Peter, would you know if he has another?

Agree, that was a very clean motor and gearbox.

Shame I had to sell it to get an automatic version for the kids to learn to drive on.

However, I do enjoy the automatic in traffic and the new engine is still a clean unit - I just don’t have that lovely A/C bracket. My A/C was non functional anyway - lasted 3 weeks after re-gassing it so I gave up and removed the compressor and taped up the hoses.

The overhead A/C fans are good enough for me anyway in the height of summer. Moves the air around very well.

Nothing wrong with an Auto! And at least you didn’t sell the old Bay :slight_smile:

Agree - love the girly auto - very easy to drive just not great fuel economy.

Unfortunately I have sold my old 69. It was an awesome old bus but I had to reduce my fleet due to house purchase.

Maybe get another one when I am loaded one day! :laughing: