Idle control unit/module

Been going through some of the spares I have and spent the afternoon testing bits and pieces including an old idle control unit. the one in the van and the spare run fine.
Was having a quick read on these, but can’t see much in the way of details about what they affect if they fail. On the Samba, one person had issues with high idle (traced back to this module), but one reply mentioned it affect “other things”, but no details. Would be nice to know what else it may affect?

Also tested some other spares - coil, plug leads, AFM, ECU relay, fuel pump relay, set of injectors, fuel pressure regulator plus a few other bits and pieces. Only did a 10 min drive (plus 5min warm up time) with with the parts in, but assume if any had issues they would have shown up by then.

I have a good spare throttle body, but other than the switch and a visual check for wear, I didn’t think it was worth testing.


Hi Richard, don’t know if this message reaches the site as I seem to get # this site can’t be reached #… Anyway, you have a lot of important spares under the seat…what about a complete distributor? And a good one to add , I think, is an ignition switch, as these things seem to fail a lot.

Thanks for the listing, shows me where to add some bits and pieces. One thing to add would be a king size bolt cutter to open up the sunshine state…


Thanks Hart, yes this came through fine! Always growing the spare parts list, but most important to know the spares will work!! I just hope it means if I have the spare the one running in the van will not fail.
I do have the ignition switch, definitely a good one to carry!

You might need more than bolt cutters currently, and by the sounds of it for some time! I was holding out hope to make Old Bar, but don’t think that will happen either.


Agree with Hart - the ignition switch is a must! Small, light and essential when a few breakdowns happen.