Ignition Switch (Again)

Hi all. I had to replace a fused ignition switch a few months ago. But it was so bad the white plastic had melted into the female part of the switch. After a bit of searching I got one from Brickwerks. Quite a challenge to replace as you have to have a very thin tool to bend back the locking tabs in the spade connectors. And in my case two were melted in. I persevered and got them out. Raised the tabs back up and installed the new socket. See photos. I have headlight relays so now have to search out why I am still getting too much power through the switch. maybe a relay has failed. Will update on my search.
Cheers, Peter from Port Mac

Wow, thats a mess Peter.

The headlight relay is a great idea though and takes a lot of load off the ignition switch.

Worth persisting with.

Things to check.
Dual battery system.

Thanks Phil. Good suggestions. But I have an idea it could be my install of driving lights. Can driving lights be legally installed separate to the high beam circuit. I am thinking of changing them to a stand alone switch to a relay that operates separately to the light switches. Won’t go anywhere near the steering column.
Cheers, Peter

In Victoria extra driving lights must be connected to and operated by the high beam switch mechanism.

I suspect it’s the same in NSW. The kings ones I have are connected to the the back of the high beam lights. Will do some voltage tests but they work on a relay as well. I was not using them when my switch fried though. Cheers.

Update. The high beam relay gets quite hot when the lights are on high beam. Will swap relays and see if it is the relay that is causing my issue. If not will continue the investigation work. Peter

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