Insurance for SYNCRO's

Hi all,

Insurance is coming up.

Any suggestions re the best deal?
At present I am with CIL.
They are good,but are there better deals?


I used to be with them but they were pushing up their premiums and devaluing the syncro.

Hence, I shopped around and as they are all old farts now NRMA Vintage and Classic gave me a great policy - even before I put the syncro in historic rego.

You need to find one that allows you to do a drive-less-pay less option.



I am still with Shannon’s, but must admit I have not shopped around to compare (in QLD).
I have heard they are not the company they used to be, but having not made a claim am not sure.

I’m with Ryno. Pretty good deal.

I would have to go with RACV.
Under their enthusiast policy which would be good, they don’t insure campers.

NRMA is the NSW version of the RACQ and with their vintage insurance they were happy to insure my syncro camper. Strange the Qld or Vic versions dont…

Been with Shannons for most of my time down under, can’t find anyone that beats them, and the few claims I’ve had to make were a breeze to deal with.
Got my van, bike and classic car with them, I don’t even bother shopping around anymore!