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Hi every one andy here (turtle92) just got my comprehensive insurance renewal through cil droped to 16000 ,trakka syncro we know they could never be replaced at that price if lucky enough to find one , but to increase the insured amount it has to be accessed independently what has anyone else found in relation to this cheers all be good to get together some time andy

Hi Andy,

Seems like a common story with CIL. Some discussion earlier in the year about this here:

Yes I had the same issue with CIL - they think like normal car insurance companies and assume our vans depreciate when actually they are going the other way.

They also seem to increase premiums whilst dropping the agreed value.

I went with NRMA classic insurance as my syncro is on club plates its extremely cheap for a $30k agreed value - only cost around $220 for an annual policy.

Shannons are a bit hit and miss as they often dont like T3 campers for some reason - they seem to fine with it for a bay but not a T3?? Crazy.

Drop CIL and go with Shannons. Get a decent agreed value over the phone, then you can have them inspect it to get a real guaranteed value put to it.


Cil drop your agreed value by $1500 every second year. If you ring you can have them put it back up. If you want to increase the value by more than 1500 you have to get a valuation. The benefit of going with a caravan insurance mob is the extras if you break down or get robbed.

Thats the beauty of the NRMA Classic - it includes long distance ($3k worth) breakdown cover and a discount if you take out standard breakdown cover.
They dont drop your value either - they actually increase it

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Looking at getting independently valued for ken tame plus will have writen valuation to shop around ,cheers everyone have a safe merry chrissy Andy