Logo printing allowed?


Great job on the website, to all those involved.
Would it be okay if I had a local craft’s person print the logo on a hoodie, shirt and singlet (strictly for myself, not to sell). I would also like them to make a sticker for my back window. Thanks!

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Hi Alex

I created the logo last week, thanks for liking it, I had the same thought about some merchandise as the new forum runs on a server that has a monthly fee between $10 - $20 depending on the resources it uses. It would be great the get items like you’ve mentioned made and then offer them to members on a purely optional basis and then use the proceeds as a donation for the running costs. The other way to recover the cost is via a sponsor which Mark has offered to do, a combination of the 2 would be even better of course.

Lets get some thoughts from the other admins about the option and the legality of it (no profits).

It needs someone to chase up the printing and posting which perhaps you could do, its an online family after all, I can also provide a larger version of the logo and should probably add a TM symbol to it.

If we don’t go down that path, then for personal use would be an option.

Thoughts everybody ?

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It’s a great logo. Doesn’t have “VW” anywhere. I know a few people in the US have had trouble using the name and logo on commercialised products, but think we would be ok.

I am all for it.

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Also, the craft’s person that were going to print on the apparel for me is a family member. So if you decided to go down the fund raising avenue I could ask if she would be interested in a make-to-order type scenario for when/if members wanted to contribute and get something physical in return.
She’s fairly busy for Christmas but I can have a few different samples (hoodie, tank, shirt. Etc) made up for a quality check, I know first hand that it’s all great.

Cheers, Alex.

Alex, please find out if make to order is doable, that would be useful when it comes to clothing sizes, other items could be done by batch.

Also what file format works best and image size, DPI etc.

Cheers Uwe


Leanne, my apparel contact, is doing up a few variations with the logo to get some idea. I sent her a downloaded image from the site and she believes she will get great results but if you’d like to add a “tm” to it that’s not an issue. Leanne is flat knacker at the moment with Christmas so close but as soon as she has them done I’ll upload some pics.

Terrific, can’t wait to see some pics. A tm isn’t necessary, just a flippant comment

Great stuff. I will tell the extended family their Xmas presents are coming in the new year :grinning:

Did this progress any further??

I would love one or more of these garments :slight_smile:

It has! I received them at the beginning of the week, I’m just flat out with work as I’m on standby for breakdowns. I’ll take some photos of myself wearing them and upload them. But i believe we would need to negotiate something with the forum admins as it’s their logo.
Regardless I’ll upload the photos this afternoon

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I’m certain I’m going to need one…XL.

Well, don’t mind the poor choice for the model, it’s the best I’ve got with me :grin: also apologies for the poor flash photography, once again I’m flat out busy.
The logos are perfectly straight, it just looks off from a combination of a bad photographer and poser.
So things that can vary, shirt colours and sizes, logo colours and the possibility to have both the large logo on the back with the small logo on the front. I’ve been talking to Leanne about the possibility of printing on some good quality flannel shirts/jackets too, they’d be a bit cosier in the southern parts of Aus.

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Hi Alex

That looks amazing, a big thumbs up all round. :+1::+1::+1:

I like too.

How do we order and what colours / sizes are available?



Hey guys, glad you like them, I’ve passed on the compliments.

Shirt sizes available: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-larfe.
Shirt colours available: white, black, grey and navy/grey.
Print colours available: white and black.

I’ve also got a shirt coming with the large logo on the back and my name in small print on the front. The name can obviously be anything. I’ll post a photo as soon as it arrives. Still waiting on price confirmation from Leanne but from previous orders I’ve gotten it’s extremely well priced and cheaper than anywhere else I’ve been quoted.

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Looks great! I am in for an XL. Large logo on the front please. Let me know how to finalize this. Cheers. Johannes

These look fantastic. Put me down for one.

Are we getting stickers made up as well?


Hope so, as the idea behind making the merchandise is to have a small portion of each sale to fund the monthly cloud server costs, so the more sales the better.

The cloud server account allows funds to be deposited and accumulate, it then just takes each month fee as needed, so the funds are always where they should be (fueling the server) and not in someones bank account.

The ‘How to’ details still need to be worked out, keeping it simple for those involved.

Perhaps its time to revamp the public page www.syncro.com.au and put an order/shop page on there to run the process.

Cheers, Uwe

Can confirm, stickers are being made.

I like the idea of a shop, the whole “I’ll take one” is awesome but isn’t efficient and professional with me messaging Leanne every second day. If that’s the route the admins want to take I can organise some better pictures of shirts and stickers for the site.