Long overdue oil filler upgrade

Since putting the Subi motor in, I’d added the Van Café flexible oil dipstick, which is an awesome upgrade since you can then check oil level from the original location behind the rear rego plate.

But, to fill up I still needed to open the engine bay cover, and with my motor suffering on dust roads with the cone air filter Lucas fitted at conversion time, it now wants 1L of oil pretty after every fuel tank, so this got quickly boring.

Not finding anyone with a solution to this anywhere, I made my own. Found a suitable hose at the car shop (Pt# CH2476C - radiator hose from a Holden or Ford I think), chopped the Subi oil filler pipe in half, fitted and secured the hose, and now I can fill up the oil from the rear plate as well. Much happier.

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That looks very handy.

I always like checking over these magnificent engines when topping up just making sure everything is Ok. This is why I kept the factory oil filler and dip-stick.

Will be an issue if I had the whole family in there and it was raining though as I would have to take all of the luggage area stuff out and dump it on them just to get to the oil filler…

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