Looking for 094 transmission housing

I’ve heard these are common on later 2wd T3s.
Any ideas where I could source a dead transmission so I can scavenge the housing?

If you are not fussed about having a locker boss you can still by a new aluminium from Weddle, but you are correct the main case is the same on the 2WD.

Hi Nils,
I have aquired a locking Diff centre from Peter Bellamy. I either need to find a 094 case with the boss, Or start machining my 091 and adding a boss.
If I do the latyter, I’l at least need to get some measurements off an 094.


Measurements are on AussieVeeDubbers and TheSamba for the locker boss.



Hi Mark,
I’ve got a late model 2wd T3 that i’m kind of wrecking… It has the boss on the housing, but there isn’t anything wrong with the transmission…
Get in touch if you’d like.
Cheers, Sam.

Hi Mark,
I have an 094 housing with the locker boss but not sure I want to part with it. Happy to lend it for measuring though and open to discussion about parting with it. I also have a quantity of locker bosses that I had made to add to non locker boss cases which is what I have on my T2 091 with diff lock.