Looking for a tacho

…for my T3.
Ideally I’d like a complete dash that includes it, as mine has a couple of cracks in the ‘glass’, and the circuit board is failing at the bulb that backlights the warning lights.

I know they are rare though, so failing that I wondered if anyone has any input on what tacho to use, VW or Subaru or aftermarket?
Bear in mind I’m running an EJ25 motor now, and got Luke to run the Subaru tacho wire to the dash for me.

Thanks in advance!

I have not tried this, but just a thought


I have thought about the tacho (these read a magnet you would need to attach), but am sure you could connect up to an existing signal though? I was looking more for tuning, so not after a permanent fixture.
The steering surround I see a few vendors now sell repro’s