Looking for a tailgate

Had a bit of an accident today while reversing to do a u-turn - a tree branch I didn’t see hit the top of my tailgate, bending it in the middle and smashing the window :frowning:

So, before I go make a claim trying to get it repaired, I thought I’d ask if anyone here would happen to have a spare tailgate they would part with?
Just looking for the tailgate itself, no hardware required.
If it had glass fitted all the better, and if in the original VW white even better, but again not essential.

Let me know asap, and thanks in advance!

Hi Gaetan.
There’s one in NSW on gumtree.
0447 159 564.
Good luck,

Thanks Gerald, I’ll look now.

They are notoriously hard to get in good condition.

Best of luck with the search.

Use Ego Couriers for shipping :slight_smile:

Go and see Evan at Bacich smash repairs in Spearwood. Fixed mine after the handbrake let go and it rolled into a tree. A lot worse than yours and perfect repair. How’s the old girl going I’ve seen quite a few of your posts for repairs.

Did you get a tailgate Gaetan?

A mate thinks he is going to wreck one but it has a little bit of rust under the window.

Yes I did - dude who’s fixing it for me found one in Welshpool area :slight_smile:
Thanks tho!

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Very hard to find both straight and rust free…