Low speed vibration

At low speed i have a pronounced vibration. Under 20km/hr. Slowing down to stop we get it through the van. Other that there is no issue.
I’ve lifted the front end and rotated the drive. There is a slight noise in the driver’s side inner cv.
Also when rotating with a socket and ratchet is doesn’t feel smooth. Not sure if this is normal.
I’ll try and get my mechanic to check things out.

Does the vibration change when you turn a corner, left or right? Low speed vibration could be wheel bearings. With wheel bearings the vibration will change with load, so turning left or right will change the noise.
If it is your CV’s, you should feel some play in the joint if you grab the axle and try to move it around.

Thanks Richard.
I don’t notice the vibration change. It seems like it is just a low speed zone it goes through.
Might pull the tail shaft and see what it is like.

Tailshaft out.
Rear uni is stuck in one direction. I suppose that would do it.
Quick drive and no vibration.
Now. Where to find a uni joint. And should i get the shaft balanced with the new joint?

If the uni joint is stuck, and no play, it could just be lacking lubrication. Not sure if it helps, but I annually remove the shaft and clean it externally, drop each end in a bucket of grease and warm it up, once warmed I work the joint around for a while then let it cool in the grease. The hope is any air is pushed out and a little grease may get in past the seals. Without grease nipples they only other way to grease them would be to remove them.

I was looking for some a little while ago (but never ended up buying any), a few of the usual vendors had them but Brickwercks advertised from Lobro
Brickwerks - Propshaft UJ - T3 Syncro - Parts, spares and components for VW T3, (T25, Type 25, Vanagon) T4 (Eurovan), LT (LT1, LT28, LT30, LT35, LT40, LT45, LT50, LT55) & MK1 Caddy GoWesty UK - 251521000 251 521 000 251-521-000

Thanks Richard. Looked at Brickwerks but didn’t find the uni.
There seems to be a tiny bit of play in the stuck side.
I’ve been reading around and my angles of the drive line seem excessive as well. Bit of shimming coming.

Hi Neil.
They are a bit difficult to find on the Brickwerks website…
Try “Propshaft UJ” under T3 Syncro.
If you’re prepared to spend the extra coin for shipping, they come real quick.
I hope that helps.

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My central tail-shaft did that and I had a Hardy Spicer unit joint installed in its place which matched yet had grease nipples so it is serviceable.

It worked well.

Thanks Scott.
Have ordered the one from brickwerks which has a grease nipple that has to be removed.
Hopefully goes back together with no vibration

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