Main water pipes

Bit of a long shot,

Anybody have a pair of the main water pipes for underneath the bus for a 2WD?

Good plastic or stainless? Both are fine.


I had a set that I just swapped out for stainless in my 2wd van but it was done because one had a tiny crack near the front of the van that allowed a minor drip.

I could ask my mechanic if he still has them if you want?

Have a set of plastic ok when swapped for stainless
At Duranbah

Hi Colin, turns out there are a bunch of different lengths and styles.
Just like to confirm they are from a 2WD and they are white in colour (for the 2.1ltre, the 1.9 has black pipes it seems}
Any chance you can Flick me a few quick photos of the condition of the ends when you g see t a chance?

Sorry hadn’t been checking pipes from 1990 Syncro