Mark's Syncro for sale in WA

Check out car sales to see our much loved “Moss” for sale once more.
Ad ID: SSE-AD-13428573
Should be up in a day or so.

This one?

Yes, reduced to a more realistic price for the market, hopeful it will go quickly. Won’t be a dry eye in the house! (including the dog)

Nice looking Syncro.
Should sell…it’s a realistic price.

Looks nice. Does it have any diff locks?

Hi, I think I know the van, I sent you a message through your ad.

I wonder if this is the same van - formerly from NSW and Owned by a Doctor.

Was sold in 2010.

This photo was from the 2010 VW Sydney Nationals:

Very happy to have been the lucky buyer! I promise we’ll take good care of Moss @moss89 all the best

Excellent news!

When you get it, show us some photos of the bus in its element!

Its an awesome syncro…

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