Minor Upgrade wheel arches

I managed to get around to fitting my 3 year old Terrawagen kit of flared wheel arches.

Required some minor fettling due to water tank filler face and factory hole locations incorrect but easily fixed.

Came up great …still thinking of more changes though :wink:

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Nice is to short to post on its own.
But it is nice.

They are also great if you have slightly damaged wheel arches as they cover the damage quite well.

Mine had no damage but worth the installation anyway.


Looking great Scott. So are you going to colour match then to the body paint ?
It does not look like they add much width to the wheel arches (EG to cover wider tires)

Thanks Richard.
I thought about getting them painted the same colour but seeing they don’t really do much in the way of widening the existing arches, I am happy with the black colour - matches the tyres :wink:

Probably adds about 5mm each side but its great for when going through mud as the front door flare attaches to the base of the door so it keeps it clean…

This was the pain on the passenger side as the arches do cover quite a bit of the back of the wheel arch.

Worked out fine - I’m

happy with it.