Morton Island

Hi all,

I managed to get the bus all back together and a few drives before heading over to Morton for a long week end. 5 days of fishing and fun, was an excellent week end and the bus performed great. Got to do a little driving around the Island, all performed well. Even got to kayak past a pod of Dolphins!

Did a lot less driving than Frazer, even so good to see with a few minor tweaks to mud flaps etc, got very little sand up under the buss, and a lot less over the engine. Hopefully a few more tweaks and I will keep most of the sand off the bus all together. Spent ages flushing everything underneath. and not a lot of sand came out.

Also glad to see with all new cooling system everything went well. With a hard slog in a few sections with soft sand and pushing hard in low gears, the temp gauge never got past 12 O'clock on the gauge.


Hi Richard. Good work. Love the photos.
Nice Pics Richard,

Glad everything went as planned..

Cheers Rowan.
Rowan Hardinge 

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Hi Richard. Good work. Love the photos.