Need to dispose of Syncro 14 inch rims with tyres

I am clearing out my shed ready for moving house in the distant future.
I have the original 14 inch rims with tyres (getting old now) which are taking up a lot of space. Any one know what they might be worth if I was to try to sell them? Do they fit other vehicles? Any advice would be appreciated and btw HELLO All. It’s been quiet…

Hi Peter…good to hear from you.
Hope you both are good.
I had 14’s (just rims) years ago.
I can’t remember if I sold them or gave them away…but I remember that a 2WD owner got them pretty quick…might have been listed on the Kombi forum.

I am interested in these Peter whereabouts are you?

Adelaide. Where are you Greg?

Im in Bunbury WA. in reality I only need one as a 2nd spare happy to pay $100 plus freight costs if someone else wants the others or is looking for the same thing. heres my number if you want to discuss 0433 839840

If you haven’t sorted it yet, I may be after one as well as a trailer spare, and I’m also in WA so we could maybe combine shipping?

Thanks will keep this in mind if it comes off

You can send rims through Australia Post for about $20 per rim (without tyres)