New forum application and new Syncro Australia Website

The new forum is up and running with all the posts from the Yahoo group thanks to all the hard conversion work from Jon. Also a big thanks to Mark for providing the domain name that the forum is now attached too.

Its a new look, a new way of doing things for all of us including the group administrators. We will all be learning how to use it and how to drive it from behind the scenes. Its a modern platform that works from computers as well as phones and tablets, its friendly and easy to use and it shouldn’t cause anyone an issue with basics of reading and posting in the forum.

The forum software is called Discourse and is setup in its vanilla form, the will be some time in tweaking the look and functionality to serve our group.

Its also great on your phone / tablet, install it by going to the app store and search for ‘Discourse’ from Civilized Discourse Construction Kit Inc and install it. Then add this forum to the app, ie and log in.

The main website at will also change as it is migrated into this new setup.

Perhaps we can use this thread to report issues and ideas, updates as we move forward.

Cheers Uwe.

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Fantastic. Looks great - huge improvement on the Yahoo forum.

Thanks for sorting out the hosting and software side of thing @911jack

These are the links for the mobile apps. I have been testing out the Android version and works well.

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Well done all. Cheers

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Thanks to all who have put time and effort into creating a new forum and platform.
Les is glowing and looking after us and our beloved Syncros

Great work to all involved. Well done.


I’m finally in he new forum. (Found the password reset in junk mail).
Thank you for all the hard work to get this up and running.
Greatly appreciated
Peter Leolkes
Adelaide '89 Syncro

How do I find out my present password for this site?
I seem to recall we were migrated across from Yahoo forum with all relevant membership info intact except passwords. Were we issued a temp password to gain first access here?
I’ve tried the reset password route … an auto email is sent to my email address but so far, nothing arrives.
Please advise. Ta

Hi Ken,

It would have sent it to your hotmail email address, have you been getting other emails there since the switch over ?

Can you check your junk mail, its ended up in there for some other members.

Cheers, Uwe

Hi Uwe,
Yep … found all in junk mail … thank you.
Password also now sorted. Cheers.