New Fuel Injectors

Does anyone know where I can buy a new set of injectors for 1989 syncro preferably here in WA or anywhere in Oz???
Cheers guys

Hi Kevin, I would try Tooley’s. They’re over east but they ship and it gets here quite quickly. I e-mail them with any request and provide the VIN as well as the year and that it’s a Syncro. I’ve usually been in contact with Joel in sales. Good luck. Harold

Hi Harold, I have just talked to Joel and he said they haven’t had any injectors since 2010::)))))
So its back to the internet. I tried Gowesty but although they have them currently because of Covid they are not sending parts to Australia.
Cheers and thanks Kevin

Latest, just ordered a new set of injectors from MotorMan in the states and inclusive of shipping seem like I got them at a very reasonable price, so all things being equal and no Covid intervention (?) they will arrive latest end of May.
Thanks all

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