New member introduction 👋

Hey guys,

I’m Ryan a metal fabricator from Western Sydney,
Ive recently delved into the land of Synco’s purchasing an 89’ Sopru Syncro.

Hoping to restore the vehicle to its former glory, what that looks like at the moment is an unknown as I slowly chip away at the todo list.

Excited to tap into the wealth of knowledge on this forum aswell as its never ending parts supply :grimacing:

Welcome Ryan. You will find the group a fabulous resource. And congrats on joining us. Good luck and so pleased another Syncro is getting a makeover.

Welcome Ryan,

Great to hear you are keen to get your syncro fully restored.

What problems does it currently have?

As Peter has said, there are a lot of well experienced syncro owners here so you should be able to be steered in the right direction.



Thanks for the welcome lads!

Apart from the general wear and tear it seems to be a great platform, chasing some issues with the rear difflock and some water issues in the poptop.

Looking to remove the poptop, appears to be a series of dome head bolts that fasten the poptop cassette to the roof, with most of these corroded i think could be problematic with the re-installation

Not sure if they are nutserts or similar but will find out soon enough.

You can read all about my pop top refurb in the latest VW magazine. What a job!!!

Agree the pop tops can be a problem if regularly left outside near the coast where we pretty much all live.

Regarding the diff lock, what are the problems?
Is it jamming?

Checked it out, got a year subscription to the digital version and my fears exactly!

It was…been flat out with work but finally got a chance to get under there and see what was going on, actuator pin was stuck in the bush. Inner CV had to come off to remove the actuator bracket - working as it should now

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