New members to some lists and A LOT of things we would like to know

Hello all,


to some lists we are new. We would like to say thank you to all moderators for setting up the lists and to all participants for their input.


We are a German couple (28/25) who live in the south west of Germany and travelled Australia for 9 monthS in 2004 with our 1991 syncro. We received wonderful support and met very nice guys from the Syncro T3 Australia Yahoo News Group.


Our syncro has 190.000 km on the clock, it has a stock MV engine and a (new) 6PA gearbox.


We are thinking of converting to a new engine and therefore would need A LOT of knowledge we hope to find with you guys “out there”. If you have the time, please read and answer our following thoughts (unfortunately we don’t have the time to search ALL the archieves/messages of all the groups). Thank you very much in advance.


Of course we are happy to give more details of our syncro and ourselves and to share our experiences with the syncro to those who are interested.




Joachim and Jasmin



1) What was your stock engine?


2) How many km/miles did you drive it?


3) What engine did you convert to (make, name/model)?


4) How many km/miles have you been driving with converted engine?


5) How many NM of torque does it produce at how many rpm?


6) How many HP does it have?


7) Did you have your gearbox/trans rebuild or replaced?


8) If so, how many km/miles did you drive with stock engine and how many with converted engine?


9) The T3 gearboxes are said to be able to cope with 200 NM of torque. How do you cope with the torque your engine produces (any mods to the gearbox? / other gearbox than VW? / simply rebuild it from time to time -> when?)


10) What is the average fuel consumption on road and off road?


11) Do you have a decoupler?


12) Are you satisfied with your conversion? Why?


13) If not satisfied, why?


14) If you chose again, which engine would you use? Why?


15) What were the points that have made you decide for your engine?


16) Which tyre size, gearbox ratio and gears do you use?


17) Where did you have your engine from and who did the conversion?


18) You don’t need to answer this one if you don’t like: how much was the complete conversion?


19) How long do you expect your engine will last (time, km/miles)?


20) Is your engine able to go through DEEP water? Why?



Once again, thanks a millions for answering these things.


We will reply to your mails when we return home in approx 14 days.