New Starter Drama

Starter install Log:

My semi retired Geman Euro Specialist mechanic (Former R&D Merc Test Driver in Germany) who swears alot at my VW's and VW engineering in general- Says to me "why do you have to bring me all this difficult VW shit.. (Its a long story I might add) "This is an hour job on a normal T3, you pull one thing off then you have to pull another off."
Patience I say, you have to be sympathetic VW mechanic! Its my Syncro!!
Yes he agrees patience is a must for VW mechnics!  There goes his late morning plan of Garage saleing..

Then he has the hide of accusing me of getting the wrong part. Flipping through his Gregory's Manual.. And  he refused to read the instructions supplied with the part.. Mmm now  Im nervous.. Not my workshop..

Theres me having to read instrucions nervously realising I have to Asemble and Change the New Reduction Gear Go westy Starter from 2WD to 4WD application myself..


Then it falls out of the vice onto the floor- Sssh say nothing... All bets are off I hope this works!...
Finally have it together and It looks like it does in the diagram. I might add with sense of accomplishment after some bumbling about..

Meanwhile he - My Mechanic is now abusing American engineered Starter and saying things like "Nowonder their satelites are falling out of the sky!

I call my wife to pick me up. I want out. The starter is still not out at this stage..

So heres me, amature backyard mechanic under my van because I can fit.  My Portly Mechanic and Wifey now watching on.. And after much swearing, and pushing and pulling, taking things off, cutting bits of insulation away, dropping engine a bit and a bit more, dismantling this and that, then Old Starter just fell out.  The cheek of it!  At least I can say it was a team effort.. eerrr

Im pleased to say after some letting go, we drive away I'm aggitated but hopefull.

Today I call him He says - All good Mate! It even Starts! 
Thinking about finding a Syncro sypathetic Mechanic!..



Where do you live?


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Thinking about finding a Syncro sypathetic Mechanic!..