New Web Site:

Hi all!
I'm SO JAZZED!!!    (Sorry for the cross-post, but I didn't want to leave anyone out!)
I've just published the NEW Syncro Safari web site.  It's at:
After years of trying to figure out a low cost, low skill, way to have a web site, I finally did it! YAY!!
The old ".com" site is still up for now, but don't bother going to it cause it's frankly a mess. 
The NEW site is still in progress, but it's a good start.  The site has information about this summer's adventure, called Syncro Safari, Pacific Coast '11 (registration closed, sorry) plus photos and information on these past safaris:
Moab '98
Colorado '04
Death Valley '05
Oregon '07
Sierras 2010
All of the safaris above have pages with lots of photos and most have information about the trails, etc.  Check it out!
Also, you'll find some lists about what to bring on a 4-wheeling trip, vehicle checklists, Syncro Safari news, links to Syncro community sites, etc.
Still nothing on the site yet for Yellowstone '99, Mammoth 2000, Baja '01, Tombstone '06, Moab '08, Mount St. Helens '09, but these will come as time permits.
There are no doubt a few typos and perhaps a couple minks not working properly and if you notice these, please send me a quick note and let me know so I can get it fixed up.
Did I mention the NEW Syncro Safari site is at ?
Thanks for indulging me while I plugged five times!  :-)
Have a great weekend and GET OUT THERE!
Jim Davis