Northrrn Territory. Limmen NP

Anyone been to Limmen NP on their syncro?
I plan on going after a trip to the Cape sometime this year. Also want know if it is possible to get to Nhulunbuy from there. Then onto Darwin or Darwin first.

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Hi Neil.
Never been to the Limmen NP…but just watched some of a video. Be prepared for hundreds of unsealed kms.
Looks impressive when you get there, though. The sand, big puddles and steep approaches could be challenging…even for a lifted Syncro with fully functional diff locks.
But hell, I would give it a go in the dry season, with the company of another vehicle…would have to be fun, I think.

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Thanks Gerald.
I don’t have lockers, just faith! It’s on the list.
Just have to prep a few things. Make a new wheel/gerry can holder. Fix the fan. Regas the aircon. I’ve got a bit of time.
I’ll be with a mate who had a 200 series cruiser.
Nothing silly. Just checking the sights.

Hi Neil,
If you don’t have a difflock, get a sticker made up…“Jesus is my Diff Lock”…(as you say, faith could get you through)

Ahh. Yes that is true Gerald.
But, much, much more than just a diff lock!

Hi Neil,

This is an extract from a website on the area as I have also been interested in having a good syncro look at the area:

“Four wheel driving notes for Limmen National Park”

From a four wheel driving perspective, the main road through the park is not too challenging, being a fairly decent gravel surface all the way, although corrugations, patches of bull dust and washouts can occur.

There are also a couple of shallow creek crossings, although as we did the whole thing deep into the dry season, these weren’t a problem.

I would expect the conditions to be somewhat more tricky in the rainy season, or “the wet” as it is known locally.

Some of the side roads to access the Lost Cities or campgrounds are a little more tricky, with deep sandy sections and more difficult river crossings…"

Seems like it not too difficult unless you do the side treks which get you to the places you probably want to see. Also not a great idea to go in the wet season…but we all knew that.

Thanks Scott. Yes. I’ve seen a few trek notes. And as long a we know the capabilities of our great machines and look after them and ourselves we can see some wonderful places.
I’m hopeful time permits to have a good look around and spend some time.

Up my way there is a place called Five Rocks. All the young guys get up there and churn it up. Big Sandy is the challenge. I thought if i can get up there, i can get most places. I’ve been up there in my 2.5l Touareg and that was a challenge. My syncro got up Big Sandy in one go! The following week a mate took 5 goes in his Pajero Sport!
So I’m confident with the syncro to get most places.