Noticed a Nice Doka Syncro for Sale NSW

This looks like a nice vehicle.

Cant see any lockers but the price…wow $50k!

In case your not on Facebook, below are the photos of the doka syncro for sale in Telegraph Point NSW.

The seller has noted the following:
VW T3/25 Dual Cab AWD DOKA. 3.3l 6 cyl svx engine, bucket seats, big tyres, 2" lift. Wolf EMS. Only 200k original kms. Engineered, on club plates. Very quick and powerful. EXTREMELY RARE.
Ready for body restoration, or not, lots of real credibility. This is an investment vehicle that is actually useful!


$50.000! How did that quote go in The Castle? “Tell him he’s dreaming.” Well, there are more billionaires in Australia now - do I hear restoration dollars? Ouch.

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Yes…no difflock knobs that I can see.
I wonder how the gearbox would handle all that extra oomph?
It looks like the original colour.
I can’t see $50K there…but I can see 40K…it’s only worth what someone wants to pay.

Agree Gerry,

That big 6 will kill a syncro gearbox quick.

My much smaller ER27 6cyl killed 3 gearboxes before I went back to an EJ25 4cyl.

Also agree that if someone really wants it and has the cash then he may get what he wants - maybe not.

Many cars just sitting on for sale sites without a sale so I don’t like his chances.

Yes, Scott. Thanks for posting this for those who (like me) are digitally handicapped or resisting.