Off-Road Mid North Coast NSW adventure - photos

Hi all,
I just added some more off-road photos that Mel took on the Plommer Rd.
Check them out in Bills photo section - hopefully it worked.
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Hi Francesca and All,

Thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick rundown what we Mid North Coasters have been up to.

Choosing the Trakka I went up to Hat Head on Tuesday to meet up with BenC and his tribe (Nicole plus 2 toddlers). I had a great spot on the fringe of a chukka camping ground to park my van , as a wild camper... Hat Head is a great destination outside of hols, it has a wonderful lagoon to swim and paddle, there was a group of people having brekkie in the water the next morning –happily chatting away..  Ben/fam and  I  went to town to meet up with Bill and Marg who arrived from Nambucca, so it’s 3 of us ready to go South.

Off , we went . 5 mins into the trip Ben ,team leader and organizer, does a sharp right hand turn and we are in the starts out as pretty civilised, but then the track becomes more defined, just two trenches in the sand...harder it gets by the minute and next thing our leaders’ wheels are spinning, he seems to be some what stuck ! but a bit of back tracking get’s him going again. G gear (G for growler) , diff lock and some serious rpms helping us through the fine stuff.

After some 15km awesome 4x4 stuff with heaps of interesting things to look at (have you seen that huge goanna?) we come out at the other end.

At Crescent Head we are meeting up with Skot and family , his shiny beauty stands out in the crowd, not a mark on it, could be parking next to Phill’s.....  Now 4 we head south ready to take on Point Plummer Rd. It used to be a mining track , abandoned by Councils it slowly closes up with vegetation. Undulations of over 1 m are a plenty, but we are lucky that there is very little water in the pools. It really is tough going but we and our vans survive.

Back at Port and onto the ferry $ 3.-- , its back to our place for playtime with barbie and the rest of it. Believing that all of us had a great time we do a photo shoot with now 6 Syncros.

Photos will be uploaded as soon as the guys / girls are back from hols.