OLD BAR - Anyone coming in 2020?

Just checking who is coming to Old Bar this year?

No event scheduled - cancelled like everything else.

South Oz people can get there but no Qld or Vic with the borders still closed.

Lots of kombis still going and a cruise still happening on Saturday arvo starting on the air strip.

Should still be fun.

Hi Scott.
It looks like the weather will be great…have a fab time.
Maybe next year for us.
Gerald and Robyn…Victoria.

Thanks Gerry.

Hope we will.

I’m bringing my youngest daughter who will like warmth and my big furry dog who wont like warm weather.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens with the weather and the “show”.

Hope you lot down in Mexico get out of jail soon.

Heard you needed a full engine rebuild due to a failed cam-shaft?

Hi Scott,
My daughter in her T3 Caravelle and me in my TRAKKA SYNCRO are currently doing a road trip from Byron Bay. We are currently heading south to end up at Old Bar for that long weekend. Also my other daughter and her hubby are heading up from Sydney in her “newish” T6 with fitted with a Van Essa kit from Mark K.
So count 3 vans from my gang.

We won’t make it from QLD unfortunately!

Excellent Rick.

See you there.

Bummer Richard.

Agree the thought of 2 weeks quarantine at your expense is not very attractive.

Hello Scott,

I met you and your magnificent blue Syncro a few years ago down at Gerald & Robyn’s habitat on a Day of the Volkswagon. I was only a 2WD then, but I’ve since grown up into a Syncro.

Anyway, finally this year was to be the year to come up to Old Bar. Alas, Mr & Mrs Covid have denied me this anticipated pleasure. Perhaps if we Victorians behave ourselves better in future there will be other opportunities soon.

Got the wheels.
Got the time.
Got the desire.
But ain’t got the GO!


Hi Ryszard,

Big shame its sort of all called off this year - no markets or rides etc but quite a few kombis will be there so it will be an event in spirit.

Even bigger shame you have such a disastrous Premier that stuffed everything up for you.

Hopefully the borders all open soon and this pandemic goes away so we can do a get away on a syncro adventure somewhere.