Old Man Emu shocks set

My Syncro shocks are shot!

I remember someone here a while back had a new set of Old Man Emu shocks for sale - bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone else might have a set they’d want to part with?

Or, any recommendations on where to buy them, or any other good shocks set that come with thumbs up?

Looking for a standard set, running 15” Audi wheels.

If anyone knows the correct part # for the OME ones that would also be appreciated.

I’m in WA, Perth area.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gaetan.
ARB Old Man Emu:
Rear: N37
Front: N38S.
Both sets available through ARB.
Hope that helps.

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Was recently told the valve settings had changed on OME so not as good now Is this correct

Yes Colin, I have heard the same about the more recent OME shocks.

I have OMEs on the front about 30,000kms old and now have fully adjustable FOX shocks at the rear ($$$ ouch!). Syncro being a campervan needs durable, high heat performance shocks, especially on rough roads. The FOX shocks have an external reservoir which keeps them cool and effective, but not cheap.

A few years ago I had Bilstein shocks all round - both rear shocks blew their innards in NT and I hobbled back home. The front ones appeared to hold up well. Since then I went for OMEs all round - no problems.

So, why go FOX at the rear? Well, most of the brutal rough road hammering occurs at the rear and considering that the rear OMEs have been there for awhile and had their fair share of heavy brutality, I decided to engage a bit of preventative mishap for the many more future travels in the outback. The front OMEs should last well as did the front Bisteins.

Having written all the above, I’m thinking about Chuck Berry’s lyric song line: “…goes to show, you never can tell”
Fingers crossed with FOX shocks!


from ARB the N37 are $380.10/pair, and the N38S $558.60/pair. Total for OME is $938.70

from JustKampers.au the Sachs (Bilstein) fronts are $500/pair, and the rear are $254/pair. Total for Sachs is $754

So now the question is, are the OME worth the extra $200? That’s bearing in mind I do plan long camping trips including unsealed roads, but no real serious 4x4 action.

Please feel free to chime in, from previous posts I’m guessing it’s a yes, but just a bit concerned about this recent valving mentioned.

Thanks in advance Syncronauts :slight_smile:

Hi Gaetan, I bought the Old Man Emu’s last year after having the Just Kamper Bilsteins on for just one year. The Bilstein rear blew out on the Gibb River road. So I had to limp home to Perth. Just Kampers refunded me so that was good but I then went Old Man Emu’s all round. Quite expensive but hopefully they’ll last longer than the Bilsteins.

Thanks Harold, that’s good to know. I’ve ordered the EMU setup.

Good stuff Gaetan. We’re just back from a 12,000km trip to Victoria, Tassi and SA and everything went well. If anyone ever needs a service in SA, Port Augusta specifically, go to Carlton Motors. Cy was brilliant and knows loads about VW’s and the Syncro’s too. Once again I didn’t have a spare Distributor rotor ( but I do now and a cap ) and he fixed me up easy peazy. A really nice guy to meet too. When I first rolled up to his shop if his door hadn’t been open I would have thought the place long since closed. Don’t let looks fool you.

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Great to hear Harold as VW mechanics are getting a bit thin on the ground these days.

My mechanic came into some money through his new partner and basically just pulled up stumps and left (living the high life in Byron and Central Coast NSW).

I have a new guy in Gosford who knows VWs and T3s yet not much experience with syncros.