Old Photos archived

Hi I have been reading an old post about grinding the wheel Carrier" #3791 March 2009 that Bill refers to photos of the work carried out and wondering if the old photos are kept and where I can find them? Thanks Greg

Hi Greg,

Yes this is something that I cant find either.

I have asked for some help from some of the mods.

Hopefully we can work this out.



Thanks Scott, Did the photos just disappear off the system or have they been missing for years?

I’m not sure Greg.
They were here I think but I cant seem to find them now.
All the old photo links from Photobucket are useless as most photobucket accounts were abandoned after they tried to charge everyone for its use.

Hi Greg,

When we migrated all the posts away from Yahoo, there was a “Files” section which was difficult to bring across. I might have a backup somewhere.

Anything linked from the post with a Yahoo link may be in this group of files.

Do you have a link for the post you are referring to?



Hi Jon the number of the post that referred to the photo’s was 3791, other than that I dont sorry. If in looking at the files you see any reference to grinding the spare wheel area to take a bigger wheel that would be helpful. Thanks

and it was posted in March 2009

Hi Greg,
Your archive search for my posts at #24 & #25 from 14 years ago on the topic are located here: Wanted two 15inch steel wheels - #24 by dbpickering
If after reading and still of interest, if you want, I have the pics in question.
Bare in mind this was my solution way back then and no problem since. I expect others would have found their own solution too. Cheers.

Put them back up Ken,

Its great to have all versions of solutions to problems.