On the hunt for a mighty syncro

Hi Dylan, I Have a high top Syncro with a high spec that will be for sale end of April. I live at Denmark WA 6333. Am going up to Shark Bay for one last trip before reluctantly selling her.due to returning to the UK in May. My mobile is 04127 10556

A real head turner Tony…good luck with the sale.

Anyone buy the mid blue non pop top trakka syncro from the Gap near Brizvegas with the reconditioned motor?

It was up briefly a couple of days ago and I was going to post it here but it seems to have disappeared already.

It was for sale for $35,000

So, it wasn’t a camper then.
Anyway, didn’t see it.

Still here

Thanks Jon.

That’s the one.

It seems the owner has pulled the add from all the Australian sites but not the international versions.

It looks in great condition but he said it had lower windscreen rust and photos can be very deceiving.

No lockers either and nothing noted about the gearbox so not sure on that expensive item.

If it did sell its a good sign that vans are selling again…nothing much else seems to be selling.

Another new syncro has come up for sale.

Gerry has given me the heads up on this one and whilst it looks nice its really expensive at $58k - quite a bit above all others currently on the market in Australia.

Might be to someones taste?

Located on NSW Central Coast near me.

I dont know the guy.

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Agreed Scott. Not my taste either. But the price!!! Wow. And it’s not even fitted out. I assume the full bare metal respray would generate a good price but not $58 k. Will be interesting to see how it goes. I must get my daughter to keep an eye out for it in her area. Peter

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Well, what a conundrum this Beige concourse wonder presents for a potential buyer. If it is bought for the $58,000 asked and the colour is liked, where does one go from there? How does that ABBA song go:
:musical_score:Money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world​:notes:

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Hi Dylan, My syncro as advertised on this forum is now for sale as I have completed my last trip up to Shark Bay. As yet it has not been viewed !
Please see my ad on this site.
Cheers Tony

Thanks Tony, do you have any more pictures of the interior?

Here are a few ! I also include an awning, nearly new queen size blow up bed, a table. Honda Generator ( hardly used) but not the Engel fridge as it stopped working. Please let me know if you would like more info or pics.

Looks decent.


Hi Dylan,
Any thoughts on my silver syncro ?

Hi Tony, unfortunately a bit out of the budget for me. She’s a beauty though, best of luck

Hello Tony, your Syncro is magnificent. My gut feeling about its ‘no interest’ sale stems from this: there are basically 3 types of Syncros - tin tops/pop tops/high tops. The tin tops and pop tops seem to enjoy most of the sales (being many more available does help). But also, both have the advantage of being standard height profile (pop top lid down) which appeals to the look of originality. Many VW potential buyers would most likely have this image in the back of their minds. Perhaps you could also advertise your Syncro to a broader market of campervans in general where high tops of various makes abound. Again, you do have a magnificent Syncro.

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Hi Dylan
Thanks for your thoughts and advice.
I will advertise it elsewhere but just thought I would put my viewpoint on why I prefer a Hightop. When wild camping or camping near a town, it dosent stand out that you ARE camping as you dont need to raise the roof. Also the convenience of being able to stand in the rear, is a bonus. Finally the tremendous amount of extra storage in the top cupboards is useful. There it is… you make your choices!

Hi Tony - not sure who it was that was commenting about the high top but I disagree with them strongly! Love the high top and would be my choice for sure. If my budget was a bit bigger I’d be all over it, hopefully you find someone

Hi, now its been reduced might it be of interest.