On the hunt for a mighty syncro

Hi everyone
New to the forum - I’m on the hunt for a Syncro in any condition but finding it tricky to come across one in WA. Any help would be massively appreciated!

Hi Dylan, welcome and good luck finding a Syncro in WA but there is a post on here, Tony’s Syncro for sale. He’s down south and heading back to the UK. One other member replied but it may still be on the market. There are a few of us in WA but we’re not letting go of them. they’re too much fun.

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Hi Dylan, welcome aboard.

Seeing you mentioned any condition hopefully that means hands on, this one popped up in SA a few days ago on ebay and will get you into the deep end.

A camper with twin lockers and decoupler, older Suby conversion and other upgrades with spares like a gearbox and front diff. It could be an awsome machine when the work and dust settles.

I’ve only read the ad, I guess it could be loaded with all the spares and sent on a truck.

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No longer listed today

Yeah it went pretty quick! Still on the hunt, appreciate any links :slight_smile:

Not much on the market.
There is an ex-telstra syncro in Victoria that is in reasonable condition that comes with an early pop top camper for conversion into the syncro. All this and is large amount of issues for $17,500.00.

A huge project and lots of engineering required.

I can find a link if interested.

Thanks @kombi4x427lc , yeah I spotted that one but would be a big mission getting both bodies over to Perth and then a lot of money given the work still to be done!

Totally agree.
You would need to be local to it to make it worth while.

Our Syncro still for sale, though we’re no longer advertising. We had it on Car Sales and gumtree for a few weeks in Sept/Oct last year, but most thought the price too high. We are sitting on $40 000 and in no hurry to sell. Just want to find the right buyer, who has some knowledge of the foibles and quirks of the VW. We are in the south west of WA and are happy to respond to people on the forum, as we know the majority are genuine syncro lovers.
Pretty sure you did contact us Dylan, back in September? Good luck with your search.
Fi and Mark. Pics and details available if anyone wants them.

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Here’s one in WA listed in just 4x4 magazine from jan23.

Hi Fiona,

Throw up some photos.
Always good to see what is available - there really isn’t much around on the market these days.



Hi all, more pics as requested.


Thanks @911jack , spotted this one online and messaged straight away but it was gone very quickly. Would have been perfect

Thanks @moss89 , it’s beautiful! Will have my work cut out convincing my partner to spend up but I’ll give it my best shot

Thanks Fiona.

I love this syncro camper it is brilliant. Worth every cent!

There are still these three syncros for sale on Car Sales:




A newish Trakka syncro has now come up for sale on Facebook and gumtree.
This is the gumtree add:

It has air conditioning but the belt is missing.

Looks like a deluxe transporter by the front seat trim.

No diff locks or decoupler unfortunately but looks in awesome condition.

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It looks like a good price.
I think it may move quickly.

Agree $30k for that syncro seems very cheap - a sign of the times I think!

Property market drops - so does the classic car market.