Opening quarter light windows - worth it?

Pieced together a set of opening quarter light windows for the van and wondering now if they are worth fitting. The idea was to get more airflow into the van on those hot summer days (and to prevent the aching in my left ear :grimacing:).

Heard that they are difficult to fit and let water in. Any thoughts on whether they are worth the effort?


I use mine regularly and love them - they dont leak in my syncro but slightly leak if I hose them in my 2wd.

Never installed them but I dont think they are any harder than the fixed window when the rubber seal is on.

They suffer rust issues so its great to find a healthy set.

I have them in my caravelle, and they don’t leak. They are also a little better designed to drain than the T2 1/4 windows, so they should last longer. That said any original ones are ~30 years old now and rust would be a concern.
Mine do not flip all the way open, it seems some will spin all the way around to scoop air in, and some like mine only open ~45 degrees.
Due to this, and the fact I have AC I use them occasionally, not regularly.

The 1/4 windows in my T2, which do spin all the way around I use all the time (it also has no AC), but they do not hold open at 100kpm. Rather than tighten the clamp on the bottom pin further (which can snap the rivets if over tightened), I made a little strap that holds them open when on the highway.


I have them (originals) on mine and love them too. Haven’t seen any rust or water leaks, but the passenger side leaks air a little so gets whistly at 100kph unless the front is pushed in hard - I might try a little rubber lubricant or WD40 to see if it helps the seal.
30 year old rubber could prolly do with renewal, but I think the main doors seals are higher on the priority list!

Definitely a worthwhile addition. As well as giving better ventilation on the move, you can leave them open when you park the car and angle them to scoop in the breeze.

Wouldn’t be without them.


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Took the plunge and I am halfway through installing these.

I notice that the set I have only open to 45 degrees as well. Seems like some flip completely and some do not. Strange. I see there is a pin at the bottom to prevent them flipping completely. Might have a go at removing this.

This is a nifty little device to hold them open:


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