Overtaken by Events

A lot has been happening in my life over the last several months,
some good, some not at all good, and some very bad indeed.

I have moved house and workshop during this time and this is always
a painful exercise. That is behind me (I am now living in Seabrook)
but a lot of other things are not, with the result that I am way
behind in many activities and aspects. I am still working but,
mercifully, only part time until the next project fires up in the
near future.

The Syncro is part of the whole thing.

It went in to have body damage repaired and the repairer then found
that he could not get a new rear lower wheel arch panel for some
weeks, so I had to take it back.

I have had an oil weep from the front cover of the gearbox for some
time which now needs serious attention. I have a decoupler and have
not had the time to fit it, so I will get that fitted asap (late
next week probably) becuase it comes with a new front cover. Silly
to seal the existing front cover and not install the new one. It is
London to a brick that this will undoubtedly clash with the body
repairs; if so, the body repairs will have to be put back again.

I won't be able to get to the Kennett River weekend for two reasons -
the first being that I missed out on making a booking early enough
and the second that the body work will undoubtedly overlap.

I have been on the air throughout all this time but I am behind in
dealing with some of my e-mail. I will catch up with those people
who have e-mailed me direct as soon as I can. Fortunately, the
Syncro website runs itself. My phone number remains unchanged at
03 9327 7609 and 0427 112 392.