Pop Top - Rusted out roof side

Hi all. Interesting issue with my pop top. Previous owner had used rivets on the passenger side above the gutter for some reason. There are none on the drivers side. I was having leak issues and could never find it. So bit the bullet and took off the front curtain rail and removed enough of the lining to look through the hole for the interior light. A credit card size section of the side under the fibreglass had rusted away. So water coming along the rain gutter went inside the and ran down until it found a way out. If parked slightly uphill it came out at the end of the rear curtain rail above my head!!!
The pop top will have to come off and some welding/bodywork done. Also repairs to the fibreglass.
Does anyone know a good pop top repairer? I will try locally but have to be prepared there is no one here in Port Macquarie who will touch it. Will add some photos.

Cheers, Peter

I had Macron Campers at Ourimbah fix my pop top issues which involved a fair bit of fibreglassing.

Unfortunately he isn’t around anymore.

I would suggest a boat builder as the have the skill and material access to fix your roof easily.

There should be a few up there at Port.

While its off get the welding done and paintwork.