Project: Yellow Ribbon

Posted on behalf of our Bus Brother "Greg Potts" in Canada.

Hope you enjoy the "story".

good road,
good adventure,
good life,

larry chase

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Hi Volks,

Have I got a story for you....

A few years ago a young man from windsor joined our local online VW
mailing list, having just purchased a very rough 1972 Riviera camper.
He wanted to restore the bus, and needed help. He was working at the
local grocery store and poured a ton of $$ into rebuilding the
engine, suspension, steering and tires. Not long after he decided on
a career in the military. He and another list-member had just
finished the engine rebuild when he was called up for Basic Training
with the Army, and after a year at CFB Petawawa he decided on a tour
of peacekeeping duties overseas in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Just before he got back, one of the members of our group remarked at
a camp-out that it would be a nice thing to do if we got together and
finished off the work on his bus before he got back.... sort of like
a real-life "Over-haulin" kind of thing. We called it "Project:
Yellow Ribbon".

You can read the story and see the pics here:

Happy trails,

Greg Potts
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1973/74/79 Westfakia Conversion **Bob the Tomato** LY3H
1977 Sunroof Automatic L63H/L90D