"Rust Bullet" rust treatment system knocks off "POR 15"

For those of you interested in rust prevention, Rust Bullet, a newer
technology product apparently wins out over POR 15 in a suite of
tests you can view online and decide for yourself.

Goto: http://rustbullet.com/html/Automotive.htm for auto info.
Goto: http://rustbullet.com/html/NTS.htm for video tests.
Goto: http://rustbullet.com/html/application.html for application.

The downside is ... to get the product, you have to order it from the
land of the long white cloud ... the nearest retail outlet.
Damn those sheep abusers ... hahaha

My view so far on a comparison between POR 15 and Rust Bullet? ...

And the winner is ... Rust Bullet!


Because I think Rust Bullet has the best potential to PENETRATE and
treat rusty seams without dissassembly.

A penny for your thoughts please ... I'm keen to discuss this and
similar. Cheers.