Radiator baffles

I am looking for a set of radiator baffles for my '89 syncro.
Does anyone know where in Australia I could buy some?
Or has anyone a pattern which they are willing to share with me so I make some?
Any help is appreciated
'89 Syncro TRAKKA

I use corflute, you can find it at Bunnings. I used an old election sign, there should be some available soon. Templates – TheSamba.com :: Vanagon - View topic - Radiator baffle DIY – what is latest material and template?

Thanks Brent.
I went there and all the links came up with “404 not found”.
I did find drawings of each of the baffles with imperial measurement for overall length of each baffle. Trying to work out now what percentage to print to get actual size print out.

Have a set of go west baffles I haven’t installed yet happy to outline onto paper and send