Re: Help with LÖBRO CV Boot part number / Syncro 16

Thanks, Yurik. Rennie Wible who is a parts manager at a VW dealership in California provided the crossreference parts numbers as:

> 251 498 203 D
> 251 498 203 E

Note that the second number is the same as what you have. I was hoping to find an Audi equivalent as Wolfgang from Germany had mentioned.

This is a hard lesson and typical of these so-called special models such as our Syncro 16's. I was sidelined and unable to attend Syncro de Mayo (SdM) because the only CV boots I couuld find locally on short notice were for the Syncro 14's. I don't know what size front outer CV's the OZ Syncros got. Maybe parts are easier for your 16 to source theren or maybe not.

With most recent aftermarket development work getting done on the more plentiful Syncro 14 for profitability reasons, it's almost tempting to switch to 14" components. Many of the new aftermarket mods and parts available here in the US have already met or exceeded the performance of the 20 year old Syncro 16 design.

That said, I bought a set of lift springs (same fit for 14 & 16) and even got new front uprights, just in case and while they available new.

I am not alone in this parts predicament in the US. Another fellow left for SdM without his 1990 Syncro Westy with full Syncro 16 underpinnings because his rear brakes had problems. Something as simple as a rear brake shoe requires importation from Europe. His shoes were soaked with brake fluid due to bad wheel cylinders. I will tell you this much. This week, I was really able to relate how it feels to be an Aussie in need Syncro parts.



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