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This happened on an old "car" (mine). Turn the engine off (give it a rest I suppose) and the "car" runs as normal (for a time).

Had I persevered in this way, then the problem would re-occur ad nauseum each time I drove the "car" (now that the issue has arisen for the first time).

Adding the AFM harness attachment fixed the problem ... end of story.

So I can only conclude there must be some significant difference between an add-on tantalum capacitor fix as opposed to the AFM harness attachment fix and as well, VW's theory on vanagon syndrome is out the window.


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> I also believe, anyone who doesn't yet have the AFM fix attachment
> fitted, it will only be a matter of time before the problem commences
> (as in my case), most likely due to wear and tear, old age etc., of the
> AFM.

They happened on new cars. Many were fitted under warranty.
All you have to do is turn the engine off for ten minutes.

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