Re: [] Loss of Power Problem - Ideas?

tom and all,
we've had exactly the same while travelling long distances at around constant high speeds.
adding to the things you've mentioned already, we've also replaced the air filter, the negative terminals of engine, transmission and fuel pump, we've had the fuel pressure checked, the lamda checked, the injection system cleaned. everything has been all right.
on our injection system, as with many other injection systems used with MV or DJ engines, the thing has been caused through a failure of the air flow meter. when travelling at constant speeds, certain oscillations occur. because of these oscillations the air flow meter gives a wrong signal to the computer. the computer goes into "emergency mode" and a lower amount of fuel is brought into the system.
to solve this, you can either solder in a capacitor into the switch which is connected to the air filter housing (the capacitor should have between 10 and 25 microfarad) or you can buy a tool which is called a "harness wiring". this is produced by volkswagen.
both things compensate the oscillations. the first thing didn't work on our system, the second did. first costs around a few cents, the second around 100,- euro (130,- american dollars) in germany. if the symptoms have not disappeared after doing one of the two things, which is normally the case, it can be the computer as well.
please let us know, if you like to have the complete guide to solder in the capacitor or if you want to have the number of the tool "harness wiring".
and please let us know, what has helped in the end.
joachim and jasmin
91 transporter - syncro westfalia
Today I finally made what sounds like a good
connection for a Subaru 2.5l Phase II engine, and
somehow my WBX must have heard about it. :-)

Symptoms: While running, loss of power, almost as if
the accelerator cable had suddenly become
disconnected. Engine drops to a very low idle speed,
barely enough to keep going.

Immediately reponds to cycling ignition switch, that
is, if you turn off the engine completely and restart,
it starts back up normally with full power, though it
might repeat the loss of power symptoms within a
minute or less.

Engine has 100K miles since new, plugs,distributor
cap, fuel filter etc all replaced 9 months ago, about
5000 miles.

Where to start?


Tom F.