Re: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Help with LÖBRO CV Boot part number / Syncro 16

Yes, Phill. My 16 does indeed have front locking diff. so not the same size as the 14" Syncro.

Derek on the worldwide Syncro List talks about having purchased 200 outer CV's to encourage VW to restart production on the 98mm outer CV's.

Even better news is from Wolfgang in Germany. I've attached a copy of his email below.


Hi BenT and Derek,

at the Mammutpark meeting VW Classic Parts showed us the new 98mm front
outer CV joints. They have made 300. Price didn't change much, but now
the parts are new (not refurbished) and it is not necessary to return an
old part. This gives the opportunity to put together a stronger front
axle using the 98/108mm joints. I have done this and posted in the IG16
If anybody wants I can give more detail on this.

As far as I know the older style boots (pre 1990) for this joint are no
longer available. One can to use the Audi boot or (better) the newer
style boot instead. The newer style boots are available from EKG part
number 923508 oder Spidan part number 23508. Both are GKN divisions.
There is the LÖBRO brand on the cover, but the boots itself do not wear
any brand or number. An Online-Catalogue is here:
According to this catalogue the boots have been exclusively used in the
syncro16 !


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