Re: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Re: Tips on converting a syncro towestfalia camper

I changed the sliding window behind the drivers seat in my van to one
that winds out. Unfortunately it is smaller than the slider but at least
it doesn't have to be closed when it rains. Sliders are a nuisance like
that. I would have prefered one from Remio in Germany but they are
expensive so I just got one from Camec like the ones you see on caravans
and motorhomes, safety glass of course. Wouldn't be a problem putting it
in a van that has no window, I had to make up a fill in piece for mine.


pootaguru wrote:

> Hi Again,
> Yep it's an ex-Telstra syncro panel-van and does have one window in
> the sliding door. Would still like add 2 windows I'm thinking.
> Being ex-Telstra I'm trying to find a standard towball that I can
> replace the big tow-shackle thing with. Any ideas?
> Haven't been able to find much info at all about putting the westfalia
> roof on a van (which American Syncro site? I've been looking at HEAPS
> of stuff on the web! Gives me too many ideas and not enough $$!)
> Les- can you send me photos of your swivel seat - I'm pretty sure my
> ones are going to have to be cut and welded. I'm also thinking about
> cutting the original seat rails so I can bolt them to the bottom of an
> aftermarket bucket seat.
> Am going to give the roof guy another call tomorrow and have a chat.
> Also going to give an engineer a call re: roof, seats, and seat belt
> mounts for the rear fold-out seat.
> Lots of work to be done!
> Sam
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> <leslieharris@o...> wrote:
> > Oh dear! I was working from memory and it is clear that it was most
> > defective. Brian has the windowless van and doesn't have to rely on
> > memory!!
> >
> > Les
> >
> >
> > --- In, "Brian Reed"
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> > > Sam & Les,
> > >
> > > Welcome Sam.
> > >
> > > I have to disagree with Les about the side windows. The external
> > panels look right for windows, but in fact window vans have a small
> > lip bent in right around, where the rubber sits, and internally
> > there will be a whole subpanel missing (sort of forms the
> > internal 'windowsill'). I transferred my home built camper set up
> > (no pop top) from a 2wd window van to an ex Telstra syncro panel
> > van, and had to rebuild a bit to allow for this difference. I
> > thought a lot about installing windows at the time but never got
> > around to it because it looked too hard. Now I actually prefer the
> > extra privacy and storage potential of the panel van, so I'd suggest
> > you live with it for a while before you decide to cut. If you don't
> > have a sliding door window (most ex Telstra panel vans had that
> > originally, I think) you may want to put an aftermarket one in
> > there, as it is the most important one for vision for
> > parking/turning etc.
> > >
> > > There is lots on the American Syncro site about installing a
> > Westfalia top. It sounds like it is not quite as simple as it first
> > seems, especially if you want a flat surface for the upper bunk. So
> > $700 might be an OK price, but you might have trouble keeping your
> > installer to that, if he also doesn't realise what's involved.
> > >
> > > Brian Reed
> > > Fairfield, Melbourne
> > >
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