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Usual sources for example:

Ask in local vw clubs or forums ... might get lucky finding a dismantler or member with a no longer needed spare.
Local vw wrecker/used parts supplier/service advertising in local vw magazine or Sydney Nationals club magazine.

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This raises a rather important matter.  Has anyone ever looked into the availability and cost of ECUs? 


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I had a similar issue with intermittent coil failure after a long high-speed run. The coil was too hot to touch. Worked fine again when it cooled down, drove fine around town, but failed again on the next expressway expedition. Replacement coil did the same thing. Checked the voltage to the +15 wire on the coil, as per the Bentley manual, and discovered that the problem was in the ECU. Replaced the black box and the problem was solved. Will post further information on the subject later today.

Roger B.