re: Weekend Away ... Sackville, 15 thru 17 Mayþ

Gday Sackvillites and anyone else still considering attending,

Well the weekend jaunt is confirmed and preparation of the facility
underway, thanks in no small measure to our generous hosts, Alan and
Anne. The only spanner in the works I see is if constant rain occurs, I
may cancel it at short notice.

I am extremely pleased about Sydney region member plus Hartmut
(Tristar!!) support to date, so far over the weekend I see 7 syncros
attending ... Mark, Hartmut, Murray (come on Murray, make an effort
please!!!), Sam, Bob, Rick and myself. I'm still to hear from John and
Scott as possible day visitors. The meet kicks off late Friday, looking
good with 5 overnighters around the campfire ... Mark, Hartmut, Murray
(Murray, get your priorities right ok haha), Sam and myself.

Heh guys ...... how did you all manage this? I'm getting the impression
from your responses that your better halves have given you all a no
strings free weekend pass! Sounds like a bit of a struggle for us all
then eh.

I expect this will be a pretty layback syncro-centric meet, somehow we
tend to get excited about informal show and tells, tag-a-long tour of
the scenic locality, photo shoot opportunities on up to 3 different
river ferries, bragfest, BBQ, logfire etc in a convivial riverside
private setting. It's a rare event, so why not indeed.

So anyone else still chewing the cud over attending .... please, there
is plenty of room and you will be made most welcome, let me know early
so I can include you in the email info loop starting next week during
the lead-up.