Rear brake drums scrubbing on backing plate

Hey guys,
Have an issue at the moment with the rear brake drums - the inner of the outter lip is scrubbing on the backing plate in one section.

Overhauled the rear brakes with new drums and shoes that came with the van when i bought it

Has anyone else experienced poor quality drums that are out of round and cause this issue? Happening on both sides

Can you bend the backing plate out a bit more to ensure clearance.

I haven’t had that issue yet but my guess is everything is coming out of China these days so quality is not there anymore. Just because its stamped VW Audi and has Germany on it - doesn’t mean that’s where it came from anymore.

I have seen this with a few bay window model parts that say Germany but weren’t.

I gave up on drum brakes a few years ago and did a T4 rear disc conversion.

Loads better.

Ive picked up some Zimmerman drums, they appear to be alot better quality make, ill fit them up and check for clearance issues

If they foul i will revert to the old ones and massage the backing plate

Could imagine rear discs would alleviate alot of the drum brake issues… is there much work involved?

Rear discs are a bit of fiddling to get them all happening, yet you need to get the brackets to make them work.

The T4 handbrake is self adjusting which is a great plus and access to parts is easy at most VW parts dealers.

I think Andy in Annangrove in Sydney still has the brackets and could get a kit together for you.

I’d love more details on this mod Scott - always wanted to go the T4 rear disks route but haven’t found a source of brackets or any info on which T4 years are suitable or what the fitting involves…

I just did the conversion using the Epytec adapters with this but you have to machine the hubs down to size.

Or you can get new hubs with it

The handbrake now holds everytime.

I got a chance to swap the rear drums over, was a clearance issue with the previous drums on the backing plate.

Rear disc upgrade looks great! Will definately be looking to upgrade in the future

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From what I remember the discs used were 97-99 rear discs and despite the fact I have the Lucas brand - I hear the Girling are the calipers to get.

As per other conversions, the hub needs machining, you need the adapter kit, you need to slightly alter the end of the T3 cable to work and you need at least 15" wheels for it to fit.

Actually I dont think there are many brake conversion kits which fit in under the original 14" wheels…


I love the look of those adapters!

They are brilliant - definitely better than the Aussie design system.

Even though mine work fine and have for the last 7 years…