Red Light on dash flashing

Hi all I have a red light flashing on the dash its just above the temp guage so presumably its to do with temp and not oil?? I have a factory rev counter built in on the dash if that makes any difference.
It comes on from cold start and sometimes if I stop the car and restart it stops only to begin next time I start the engine. its only started in the last few days I havent driven far since concerned its something bigger at play here.
checked the coolant level thats fine any other clues would be helpful here thanks

If your coolant level in the pressure tank (not the Expansion tank) is fine, it’s most likely the Level sensor itself or a loose/corroded connection

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actually the level in the pressure tank was down, got my tanks mixed up topped it up and looks ok now. will watch it over the next few days to be sure. Thanks Arne much appreciated

Maybe take the cap off the coolant expansion tank and start it then look at the coolant liquid to see if there are any bubbles.

If not check around your head gaskets to see if there are any leaks.

That coolant must be going somewhere.

Thanks Scott will check it out